Project Brief:

  1. Obtain a Marketable Domain and add email accounts.
  2. Create a website that stands out.
  3. Provide hosting solution.
  4. Produce Competitive Analysis on the Market they are entering.
  5. Create a Strategy to move forward. 

Step One - Onboarding

Gather all information

After reviewing the needs and goals of Vendo Ad Agency, I knew they were offering something unique. I met with the client first in person to discuss what they want to accomplish. The client and I went back a couple of years already so I had a good understanding what they were all about. It was a great on-boarding meeting. Once all information was gathered and understood, we proceeded with a formal proposal to produce a website, manage their SEO and get them found. Within 2 days, we had planned a strategic approach to getting them a foothold in the market that was somewhat saturated already, but plenty of room for growth. The problem was, no-body had heard about Vendo Ad Agency. Therefore, there was some more research to do in order to determine what was the best solution for their use of keywords and how we were going to develop a social media presence. I was thinking there was going to be a challenge, there was one website created first to get them started, but it was not enough, but the keywords used started to gain some attention. But now, the client wanted more and came back to us to redesign a new website that would make them stand out from the crowd. The website had to have the capabilities to load several videos, so it had to be fast. There was a need to create some engaging content as well, that would complemented the video’s.

Step Two - Compare Video and Media Space

Find Solution & Solve it

Sometimes, there is a problem right under your nose and you didn’t know it. It could be as simple as a misspelled URL, landing page, or even a broken link. One of the problems the problems was clearly identified as an optimization issue, and load time. When indexing occurs from search engines, the crawler also try’s to determine how long it takes to capture a page and its content. We recorded the staggering skips when pages were getting indexed, found that it was video pages that were loading up slowly. We created a report on it and presented it to the client. Moving on to the next issue, we found that there was not enough keywords associated with the website, primarily search phrases “long-tail” keywords. We wrote up an analysis report and presented it to the client. We continued with our efforts in establishing a keyword strategy, determined that there needed to be more identical search phrases associated within the content. We performed a keyword and comparative analysis once again to determine what the best strategy would be to turn things around. Focused on making the necessary changes to improve performance of leads generation.

Step Three - Achieve Results

Finally Get the Result

We started with aligning their content with the products they were offering. We developed the keywords necessary to match the products, based on the strategy that we put in place. We reviewed the comparative analysis of their competition. We took the approach of creating a strategy to support Organic Search phrases. Using long-tail keywords found within our analysis of AdWords and SEM-Rush, we were able to find a solution. A solution that once again, included rewriting some of the content on their website to match identical search phrases found within AdWords and SEMRush. Moving forward to a successful transition, our client is now number one on the search engines for their name (which had competition of more than 300 Million) and the search phrases (long-tail keywords) used now generate 5-10 new leads per month.

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