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We position your business by creating targeted Email

Did you ever wonder how you can create a Targeted Email Campaign?

It is not always as hard as one would suggest! Email marketing still amounts to more than 55% of all sales created on the internet. After spending considerable time sourcing out the email marketing networks, we have created a partnership with on online email marketing firm. This company offers targeted, relevant emails to more than 8 Million active users; weekly and monthly distribution is available.
  • Email Campaigns to 30+ Categories
  • Targeted to 8 Million+ Opt-In Email Subscribers
  • Reaching 5 Continents & 25 Countries
  • Weekly and Monthly Campaigns
  • Starting as low as $0.05 per user

When Elite SEO develops a Website for their Clients, they always receive Email Newsletter integration as well.

Link Building

When you send out an Email Campaign, you are almost certain to receive some Backlinks. However, this does not stop here, because ESEO will help target your emails to the right users. Delivering twice the targeted results!

Email Distribution

Due to the overwhelming amount of Spam still sent out today, some people still categorize more than one Email per month as Spam. ESEO helps deter that train of thought by making users Double-Opt-in to receive.

Landing Page and Integration

The landing pages we put in place, do more than support your Email Campaigns. When we integrate a Newsletter service into your Website, the landing pages created will always support new users for your own list.

Email Marketing by ESEO

ESEO has partnered with several email marketing companies. When we take on a client to do Email Marketing, we determine what our clients are trying to achieve, then when choose one of our partners that is best suited to reach the right market. Sometimes however, we will use more than one partner.

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