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Social Media Marketing will improve Market position

Social Media Marketing is a relevant task that should be developed into every Strategic Plan!

When you have a company like Elite SEO working on your behalf, we will Think Outside the Box for you. From strategically building you goals into a marketable plan, we will turn over every rock to deliver results.

We will create marketing channels with relevance, and target our efforts accordingly to acquire the engagement you need for higher conversions.

Elite SEO has a plan for success, and we think you want to be part of it too! So give ESEO the opportunity to show you an economical solution with a great return on investment (ROI).

This is what we would call our 4 X 4 Solution; a solution that uses 4 primary social networks and will make 4 posts per day on each of them.

  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Social Media Development
  • Social Media Postings and Engagement

Social Media Link Building

Elite SEO will create posts to Social Media Networks based on their clients offering. Copied to connected influential people within their respective, and relevant industries.

Social Media Hashtags

Elite SEO targets researched Hashtags within a relevant industry to our clients, reaching 10X more active readers. Posts are scheduled according to viewers peak times.

Optimized Landing Page

Elite SEO will optimize a landing page for each post, creating an automatic capture for further marketing efforts. Landing pages will include an integrated newsletter signup form.

Connecting the DOTS in Social Media Marketing

Social Media Link Building is just the beginning of creating awareness for our clients. Adding influential people into the mix generates even a larger market, which will usually create Backlinks. A relevant Backlink will go a long way in supporting a companies Internet Ranking for Domain and Page Authority. Social Media Hashtags, when used in conjunction with Social Media Link Building will open up doors that were otherwise closed. Using Hashtags in the right context, within relevant industries, will spark a curiosity for the reader; generating a Click to an Optimized Landing Page to find out more information. Perhaps even signing up for your newsletter once they are there. Sometimes an Optimized Landing Page will have to be changed based on how you monitor the page bounce rate. Part of our strategic plan is the development of Digital Media, which is requested of all clients!

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Social Media Marketing by ESEO

ESEO is connected to thousands of users through Social Media. When we take on a client to do Social Media Marketing, we reach out to our Network and obtain the support necessary to expand our posts. We use several methods that include likes, shares, re-shares, promotions and targeted audience Ads!

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