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Leaps and Bounds

Tucker Tek Inc. Making Leaps and Bounds

Once again, Tucker Tek Inc. Signs up for another deal involving SEM-Rush Product. As we have recently signed up as an Affiliate for their product, complimenting everything we do.

SEMRush Now for SEM and SEO

Up to 99% of keywords that drive traffic to your website are now hidden by Google Analytics. Does it mean that SEO has become a guesswork? Not at all! We’ve found just the right solution for you.

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Making the SSL Connection

Making the SSL Connection

Making the SSL Connection before July 2018 is imperative to surviving the browser blocks that will take place. Google has told the Internet in no uncertain terms, secure your website or start losing traffic by July 1st, 2018.

Most people I have spoken too about their website being unsecured, come July 2018, have no idea what the repercussions will be. You can read more here, in order to become informed and educated on the matter!

If you are using Chrome as your primary browser, expect not being able to access websites that request information of any type, if you do not offer user security. An SSL Certificate from your Hosting Company can provide this for you. This will make sure that users can still access your website, perhaps even feel safer.

Our message to you, Stay Informed, stay in touch with your customer, and know what your IT and Marketing department know, communicate. Collectively, they are the driving force of any product or service in today’s marketplace, which of course, we all know to be the Internet!

Remember, it is your business on the line, and if you want to keep using the Internet to communicate with your customer and/or vendor, secure it. Do not wait until the last-minute, Jump on the Need-to-Know Bandwagon today, keep your Customers Happy and Secure!

What can you do with SSL?

When you have a secured server set up, you can implement an e-commerce solution that allows you to sell your products and/or services. You can have people sign up for your newsletter, request the personal information necessary to help target your sales. Re-Marketing your users is a very big part of converting them to becoming one of your clients.

Tucker Tek Inc. can help this process along for you, we will make your transition seamless and efficient. Not only can we provide a secured server for you, you can receive a marketable, formulated solution catered to your business needs.

The ability in making your keywords stand out by producing a well-researched keyword analysis can deliver the best long-tail keywords.  Receiving more Organic Searches from the long-tail keywords will help you save money in the end. Ultimately giving you a competitive edge.

Offering a secured solution to your visitors, not only addresses the perception of your potential customer, you reduce the bounce rate. What is the bounce rate you ask?

What About Bounce Rate?

A bounce rate is essentially how much time your customer will spend on your website, more specifically, one of your web pages. This is not an automatic process, you need to provide some engaging content to keep them interested. Having regular up to date content available for your visitors effects your bounce rate directly!

Inside Pitch!

For the month of May, from the 1st to the 31st, Tucker Tek Inc. is offering a SPECIAL SEO / BACKLINK SALE! This Special Sale could Potentially SAVE YOU Thousands of Dollars On Services and Backlinks over the next six months.

Imagine, having a 10% discount on all SEO Services and Backlinks for the Next 6 Months? Wow, if you think about, some Backlinks can cost you upwards of $5000 for a Permanent Backlink. However, most of the Backlinks available to Tucker Tek today, are under $2000 for a Permanent Backlink.

For more information on This Special Sale, Please Click Here



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Tucker Tek becomes Affiliate of The Hoth

Tucker Tek becomes Affiliate of The Hoth

Tucker Tek becomes Affiliate of The Hoth! With all the changes to the internet and the Search Engines, a business needs to stay informed to make better decisions. Tucker Tek teamed up with The Hoth to make more educated decisions, and now, it allows us the flexibility to offer our customer’s the same information.

The Hoth made it easy for us, we now have more information available to make more informed decisions, provide the Best Backlinking service money can buy too. Their Customer Service is exemplary, to say the least, we are very happy to work with them.

Tucker Tek is very happy to become a VAR / Affiliate of The Hoth, we have already learned so much by their examples, tools, and more. In fact, the only company I have had the pleasure of doing business with, that treats you like a partner!

Tucker Tek’s company saying is just that; Treat your own customers like your business partners! This will only bring sustainability and more life into the relationship, which is what everyone wants for their business.

As Spock from Star Trek used to say – “Live Long and Prosper”.

With The Hoth on our Side, we will live long and prosper, offer more services, and be able to provide much more educated decisions to our customer/partners.

We look forward to working with The Hoth more, to bring better pricing to the table, a stronger Backlink Network and more.

What is The HOTH?

The HOTH is an acronym for Hittem Over The Head, in other words, to bludgeon with awesomeness. It can be used as a noun (as in our product, or our brand) or as a verb (i.e. To HOTH someone, to HOTH something).

When we started the HOTH in 2010, the industry was plagued with sketchy service providers with poor support.

We wanted to change all that. We became the best SEO company so you would have an amazing experience.

We put our names and faces on The HOTH, made support a PRIORITY and gave out guarantees. We developed an entire suite of products to fit your needs.

We made a streamlined production system that allows us to deliver your custom projects and campaigns with agility, speed, and scale. All in a nicely wrapped interface that produces results for YOU, day in and day out.

So check out what The Hoth has to offer Today!

The Hoth


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New Backlink Special

New Backlink Special, did you hear about it, and available only at the Tucker Tek Store? Tucker Tek realizes that things are tough these days, everyone is looking for a way to draw traffic to their websites too. This offer is a specially priced service until the end of December 2017, one that you might not want to miss out on either!

We work with some unique companies these days, one, in particular, is The Hoth, one of the best Backlink companies out there on the Internet. They are efficient, effective marketers for backlink services and Tucker Tek is proud to be part of their service offerings.

New Backlink Special

Tucker Tek only uses White Hat Marketing techniques, we work with other companies that offer the same as well. The days of offering Black Hat Marketing have gone, the quality far exceeds quantity and Tucker Tek believes our customers deserve Quality Marketing Services. A definition to compare both is something very different and we would like to educate you a little more, and why White Hat Marketing is the way to go.

The quality of service our customers deserve are the standards that we offer each and every time, which is why we are offering the New Backlink Special. Whether you are new, big or small, customer service is key and we will always go the extra mile to make sure you succeed. Try us out today and see for yourself!

If you would like to schedule a free consultation with Tucker Tek with regards to your SEO needs or perhaps some Advertising, please click here. Go to our contact page, leave us a message and we will usually reply the same day, or within 24 hrs.

Tucker Tek would like to thank you for reading our latest offer and trust that you will make the right choice in contacting us today so that we can start making you money!

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SEO Opportunities

SEO Opportunities is something that does not take place overnight, in fact, we tell potential customers that it will take at least 3 months. Within the next three months, you will start to see changes on your ranking, with Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA) and more.

Given SEO Opportunities today, when you become a little creative, using innovation and relevant backlink techniques, you can go a long way. We have found, the more honest you are with customers, the more respect you will gain. If you sell them a false dream, like a consistent listing on the search engines where they show up #NumberOne with a limited budget, there is no justice there.

When I speak to customers, whom I also consider my partner, I will tell them how it is; ie. yes, I can put you on the first page and list on Google every week, but how much money are you willing to spend?

Unless you are willing to spend $5k-10k per month to become #NumberOne on search engine listings, you will not see consistency. However, let me help you improve your Organic Searches by setting you up on relevant backlink networks, which pertains to your offering. Whether it is a service you offer or a product, when you plan the right strategy you start to see more and more Organic Searches as the result.

One of the tools we use to establish what your rankings are and what your competitors offer is SEO Profiler. This program also provides a huge insight into what your website offers, your errors, what you can do to improve it and more. A worthwhile program, which will save you money in the long run and stay on top of errors that may appear on your website.

SEO Opportunities by Tucker Tek

Tucker Tek has no problem working with their client partners, teaching them how to maintain rankings and more. Visit our contact page, leave us a message to discuss your needs and what you want to accomplish.


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Whats Up

Whats Up

Whats Up? Have you noticed? Caught you looking anyway! Tucker Tek has improved their local Calgary SEO Pricing structure to help support smaller companies in the market today.

Tucker Tek offers a personalized service to our clients top-notch SEO / SMM that could work for you.

Whats up? Take advantage of Tucker Tek in advertising, they will develop a relevant link strategy using White Hat Marketing techniques, we will provide cost-effective solutions and sound opportunities for managing your PPC Campaigns; CPM Campaigns (mainly used for Market Awareness Campaigns) while applying A/B Testing at the same time. We will help with what you need to do and accomplish, Click Here, leave a message and we will get in touch with you within 24HRS.

Tucker Tek is a Full-Service SEO Company that specializes in Local Search Engine Optimization using the best tools available!

We won’t guarantee you first place every month within search results unless it is paid-search ads, and quite frankly, there is a number of companies that can do that for you if it is paid-search. But, we will show you what will be needed to continue seeing more and more organic search results based on your content and relevant backlinks that we will assist you in obtaining.

Tucker Tek wants to be your SEO consultant of choice, earn your respect and guide you in the direction you need to be. We want you to succeed! As a professional and personal company, we want you to trust us, and count on us to do the right thing; we will tell you how it is, and not just what it will cost you!

We have been developing websites for over 20 years, with Search Engine Optimization and Marketing in mind, we have been around as a company for 10 years now, and our founder Tom Cullen has been around since the birth of the WWWeb; starting out as an ISP himself, developing websites and optimizing them to be found on search engines, when it was just organic searches, and were solely based on keywords and content..

Today, we work with some of the best people in the industry, some of whom could be recognized for “grandfathering” the SEO industry as we know it today, we are very confident in this added direction to our company. Not only will we be able to provide some of the Best Return on Investment (ROI) for our clients, we will prove that a little patience and perseverance go a long way, and we will produce the results our customers have come to expect!

Book your appointment today, obtain your first Website Analysis for Free!

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