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Backlinks confuse many people today because they don’t know what they are! For many people, a backlink is a “Reverse Link to another Website”, meaning it should be Free. The way it is today, a reverse link to other websites “has” to be relevant to be counted. In order to see a reflection in business rankings for Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA), only relevant content or Backlinks, and with proper keywords associated with them, will be counted +/- in your overall rankings.

Tom Cullen says:

That was, hmm, so late 90’s when backlinks were, in fact, free links for the most part, unless you bought and paid for an ad spot on a busy network.

Realistically, if you want to guarantee the relevance of a Backlink, research has to be done! Analytical tools are used to speed up the research in finding the best keywords, and long-tail keyword phrases. with strategies in place. We utilize many different channels to establish not only your best keywords, your competitors too. This helps to produce an excellent “Competitive Analysis” for our clients.

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