Making the SSL Connection

Making the SSL Connection

Making the SSL Connection

Making the SSL Connection before July 2018 is imperative to surviving the browser blocks that will take place. Google has told the Internet in no uncertain terms, secure your website or start losing traffic by July 1st, 2018.

Most people I have spoken too about their website being unsecured, come July 2018, have no idea what the repercussions will be. You can read more here, in order to become informed and educated on the matter!

If you are using Chrome as your primary browser, expect not being able to access websites that request information of any type, if you do not offer user security. An SSL Certificate from your Hosting Company can provide this for you. This will make sure that users can still access your website, perhaps even feel safer.

Our message to you, Stay Informed, stay in touch with your customer, and know what your IT and Marketing department know, communicate. Collectively, they are the driving force of any product or service in today’s marketplace, which of course, we all know to be the Internet!

Remember, it is your business on the line, and if you want to keep using the Internet to communicate with your customer and/or vendor, secure it. Do not wait until the last-minute, Jump on the Need-to-Know Bandwagon today, keep your Customers Happy and Secure!

What can you do with SSL?

When you have a secured server set up, you can implement an e-commerce solution that allows you to sell your products and/or services. You can have people sign up for your newsletter, request the personal information necessary to help target your sales. Re-Marketing your users is a very big part of converting them to becoming one of your clients.

Tucker Tek Inc. can help this process along for you, we will make your transition seamless and efficient. Not only can we provide a secured server for you, you can receive a marketable, formulated solution catered to your business needs.

The ability in making your keywords stand out by producing a well-researched keyword analysis can deliver the best long-tail keywords.  Receiving more Organic Searches from the long-tail keywords will help you save money in the end. Ultimately giving you a competitive edge.

Offering a secured solution to your visitors, not only addresses the perception of your potential customer, you reduce the bounce rate. What is the bounce rate you ask?

What About Bounce Rate?

A bounce rate is essentially how much time your customer will spend on your website, more specifically, one of your web pages. This is not an automatic process, you need to provide some engaging content to keep them interested. Having regular up to date content available for your visitors effects your bounce rate directly!

Inside Pitch!

For the month of May, from the 1st to the 31st, Tucker Tek Inc. is offering a SPECIAL SEO / BACKLINK SALE! This Special Sale could Potentially SAVE YOU Thousands of Dollars On Services and Backlinks over the next six months.

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