Project Brief:

To develop a website, make it SEO compliant and bring traffic in. I knew this was going to be a bit of a challenge, but I said to myself, I am definitely up to it. As I gathered the information from the client, I proceeded to do my research, do a competetive analysis, see what other keywords we could rank for and move forward.
Once the research was done, I knew what the client wanted and started to develop a strategic plan for them. One that would put them in the Video Production space competing with companies that have been doing it for years. This company had a unique offering, and the value added solution they could be giving clients was bar none, one of the best I had come across.

Step One

Gather all information

After meeting with the client on several occasions, understanding they were a startup enterprise, I heard their story.

I proceeded to on-boarding the client with the SEO service I was going to provide. The website development service, which would be fully integrated the SEO, and how I would host their website on my server for easy Onsite SEO.

I Started developing a strategic plan that would begin with a competitive analysis. Then I decided it was time to plan the development of their website, apply a great deal of long-tail keywords into their content. Matching the keywords with the competition and the search phases that were used to direct traffic.

I knew they had some social media planning to do, strategically define their initial market and produce engaging video.

Planning their Forecast Generically

Step Two

Find the Solution & Implement it

Initially, I was looking at this project as a quick and easy, but quickly realized that there was a way to go before drawing to that conclusion. I took some more time defining their advantages and disadvantages to the competition. The competition had already been established, the market was saturated with Video companies already. I decided, lets look at this problem with technical eyes, and what really would set them apart to the crowded space they were entering? It dawned on me, their technology and its capability of producing something unique, speedy and accurate. Let me also remember, it was engaging video being produced and at a fraction of the cost. These were positive challenges to capturing the market, testing the waters, and obtaining as much feedback or likes as possible. A few posts on social media markets would start to create the awareness necessary to create engaging prospects. After running a post campaign on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. There was over 1000 likes on Facebook with about 50 comments; LinkedIn received over 200 likes, 25 visitors (CTR) and 2 additional comments; Twitter received over 230 likes and 16 visitors (CTR), but no comments; Instagram received over 300 likes. 70 visitors (CTR) and 6 comments. The moral of this story, strategically, we did it all again, but now there was more than 1 Facebook page promoting it; more twitter accounts promoting it and Instagram stays pretty much the same. I am happy with the results, I will continue promoting the company; because now, they also endorse my services and supply my video requirements too. Win Win!

Step Three

Finally Getting the Result

When you create a startup company, you cannot always count on the client having a budget in place to commit to solid advertising campaigns. But when you think outside the box, you can obtain the results to set the playing field. Furthermore, when you see your client truly has something special, you blend in, you observe, you start to believe. When you believe, good things come around and start to bless your hard work. My point in closing this case study off is this: You will always do a better job for your clients when you can live their dream while creating your own. When one complements the other, you move forward and deliver results!

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