ESEO Case Studies

Common Case Study

ESEO provides a common case study on several different client situations, based on the type of service offered. When we go to market for the first time on behalf of our client, there is usually 1 of two things that are going to happen:

  1. we find a low entry point to market with minimum competition;
  2. we find a high entry point due to heavy competition;

Either way however, an education is required to make the customer understand the market they are entering. Which may define how long it may take to achieve results and what our plan is to acquire results.

We will educate our customer with a link to our case study and a printed report if requested. 

Not all customers warrant a Case Study. When ESEO is hired to create a website, host it and apply SEO (onsite & offsite) services, we will usually compliment it with a case study. This would be part of the elite service offered to our clients. There are two commonalities with the quotes of the world:

  1. A Happy Life is a Happy Wife;
  2. A Happy Client is a Successful one;

Only one rhymes we know, but both are very true! 

On Demand Case Study

ESEO provides case studies on a demand basis as well. Sometimes, our clients or new clients, choose to enter a market that may be saturated with huge competition. Other times, they may want to get an understanding of a market they are entering and what the competition might be.

When this happens, we help educate them by producing a case study that involves doing a lot of research that would include:

  1. competitive analysis;
  2. keyword analysis;
  3. key performance indicators;
  4. market problems;
  5. market solutions;
  6. market actions for success;

However, an educational conclusion does not always bring the expected results, which is mostly due to a clients marketing budget.

In any case,  ESEO will provide the customer with our recommendations based on our findings in a professional report.

These case study reports are usually completed within 2-4 weeks. The more information requested, and the detail needed to produce educated results will vary.

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Case Study Categories

Web Development and Leads

Web Development and Leads

Leads, Marketing, SEO, Visitor, Web
Web Development & SEO

Web Development & SEO

Marketing, SEO, Visitor, Web
Online Marketing Case Study

Online Marketing Case Study

Marketing, Sales, SEO, Visitor

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