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About Tucker Tek

About Tucker Tek

About Tucker Tek Inc. – founded by Tom Cullen, who had originally started the company to become a development house for Innovative Web Applications.

Since 2007, we have become a primary source for business, marketing, and facilitator of services for our customers. We have diversified the business model to address several different industries, by adapting to market change.

About Tucker Tek: we perform professional marketing and web development services focused on developing long-term strategic partnerships with our customers. We no longer try to address our customers as clients, but rather as our partners, with a mutually beneficial goal.

When you provide the right amount of strategic thinking and innovation for your partners, the process of long-term sustainability became imminent. By “Thinking Outside the Box”, you develop a synergy, one that becomes equally beneficial as you form your partnership!

About Tucker Tek

Our experience in developing websites, providing Search Engine Optimization into each development, had made it clear to offer SEO services!

Tucker Tek works with some of the best people in the industry right now, people like Paul Bruemmer, from PB Communications people who have been recognized for “grandfathering” the industry in SEO. Tucker Tek provides some of the best return on investment (ROI) for their partners. We have proven that patience and perseverance go a long way!

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