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Tucker Tek Launches their Store

Tucker Tek Has Launched their Store for Business and Personal Growth Products

Entrepreneur's can now Add Value to their existing business or Start a New Business.
  • eCommerce Store including Google Advertising Credits
  • A Directory of more than 8000+ Legitimate Dropship Companies
  • A Training Course, which allows you to Compete and find your Market Share
  • Do It Yourself Products and more..
Stay tuned as we offer some of the most exciting Growth Products available on the Internet!

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As we move forward in 2017, by fostering a new Community Friendly Magazine (Best Version Media), for the community of Lake Bonavista, located in the City of Calgary, our customers can improve their brand through sponsorship within the magazine; a one of a kind magazine that is "By the People, About the People and For the People" which has an exceptional open/read rate of 89%, people will most likely make a collection of the magazine just to read about their neighbours more, ongoing community events and more. Check out an 8 minute video by BVM for more information on why we would be the right choice.

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