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July 12, 2017
I recently had someone talk to me about their SEO services and what they wanted to accomplish. However, before we got to talking about what I may be able to do for him, he conveniently asked me a question; What is relevant linking?

MY ANSWER: Relevant linking comes from setting up backlinks on other networks that point to your site which is relevant to your industry or profession.

This gentleman had asked another question; Why would someone place a link on a site that is a Pizza domain, that points to my website, which is a consulting business for SMB? Further comments were made before I answered him.. I had asked this company the same question and he told me for exposure! Huh?

MY ANSWER: There is no point in today's market to simply link your site, or other sites to your business if there is no relevance, no connection. If you want to stand out in today's search engines and obtain some sort of ranking, you need to locate a company that can provide some time and effort into finding the right fit and relevance to your business. A company that will go the extra mile for you and locates the right keywords for you, finds the right networks for you to advertise on and above all, have the passion for seeing what you need to do!

Now I don't want to brag too much here; but without me saying anything else, I was offered the job to manage his SEO and Advertising services for an indefinite amount of time because he saw that I had enough passion in what I am trying to do and accomplish for my company!

My Message to all who may view and read this post; never give up and never put your passion aside when it comes to helping someone else see the light at the end of the tunnel! Shoot straight, be honest and you will retain your customer for a long time. This is what I would classify as sustainable growth!

Tucker Tek Inc., Tom Cullen, President / CEO
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July 11, 2017
Tucker Tek has launched their Calgary SEO Service with a whole new rate structure too. The Calgary SEO Service will provide a quality SEO service to the local market, complemented with results!

But what we are doing different today will align you with relevance to your industry, set you up on a course of success and ongoing practices to do on your own, if you choose. We don't just want you to succeed, we want you to compete within your own market, retain your clientele through "Customer Retention Practices". We want to give you the knowledge that will give you sustainable growth for your products and services.

This roadmap that we will have shown you when we are done, will allow you to stay on top of your SEO; from choosing the right keywords, building it into your title pages, images, eCommerce activities, relevant backlinks, landing pages, remarketing efforts, and last but not least, provide sustainability for your business.

We don't consider ourselves miracle workers, we simply want to help you overcome the fear of not knowing. We're not going to make you unconditional guarantees either, that would be ludicrous on our part because the Search Engines today change directions frequently. In fact, they tend to become infatuated with themselves so much they have forgotten that there are smaller companies out there that need assistance to compete, and not always just a added bill to their budget to obtain the 1st place on search engines. Everybody wants that after all!

Tucker Tek has also created a new Calgary SEO Special for the month of July-2017 ONLY! If you have not read about it yet, heard about it yet, then you really need to check it today while you still have time. What we are doing, is paying for the first 3-Months of a 1/4 page Ad in our Lake Bonavista Community Friendly Magazine due to be published this Fall-2017. A VALUE WORTH OVER $1,300 CAD! Yes, there is a catch, you have to sign up for a minimum term of 12-Months and have an SEO Contract with Tucker Tek for a minimum of 3-Months. For more information on Calgary SEO Special Click Here
Tucker Tek Inc., Tom Cullen, President / CEO

July 7, 2017
Snapchat has decided to introduce a “new way to explore the world” with the launch of Snap Map, a feature that allows users to share their location with their friends within the app.

But what makes it really interesting is that users are now also able to access public Snaps from people all over the world.

This could pave the way for a new means of discovering new places and even new happenings all over the world.
..for more detailed information click here

July 1, 2017
Calgary SEO Special for Businesses that would also like the opportunity to be put into our new Community Friendly Magazine for the first 3 months FREE. Lake Bonavista is a Beautiful and Luxury Community, so if have a service or a product you want people to offer more information about, or maybe you just want to extend your Brand, fit it into your marketing plans; Maybe you want a bigger Sponsorship Ad, well we will subsidize it for you.

But for the SEO Services, we can offer you, we will give you consistency, personality and make your dollar last longer too. You want the 1st place on the Search Engines, we can do that for you too; we will do the research necessary to accommodate your Keywords, your competitor’s Keywords and the content on your Website too.

However, when you have to start bidding more and more for your given Keywords to run on search engines, we have a backup plan, one that offers you that personality, sustainability, and the ability to receive more generic searches from search engines, when were done. NOW THAT IS SUSTAINABILITY FIRST CLASS!

May 20, 2017
Tucker Tek has been busy setting up our service pages for our customers. In order to educate them on what we do and on the services we offer, we are setting up these areas to make it easier in making educational decisions. We as a company may not have all the answers for our clients initially, but we ALWAYS find them. So, like our prospective client and existing customers alike, we prefer to make educational decisions and be honest about the results.

Working with Tucker Tek is a safe choice for any company size, whether you are new to the internet and the many opportunities it has come to offer, or maybe you just need a change on venue for your SEO, SEM, Marketing and advertising needs. Work with us, let us show you how we can save you money, and get the word out for your product or services at the same time. We will deliver and you Will receive an excellent return on your investment (ROI)!

As we move into the trending waters for SEO and SEM marketing, we have decided to create a unique promotion for local Calgary Businesses that want to Brand themselves and receive some excellent marketing services for their website too. The potential savings alone will completely amaze you and leave you asking yourself - WOW? How is that possible and where do I sign!.

March 17, 2017
First off, let me tell you a bit about about the local Community Magazine we are publishing in the near future; Best Version Media is a privately owned Magazine publisher with their Head Office in USA, they have 100's of Magazines published throughout North America, by Independent Associate Publishers like myself (Tom Cullen). The concept is to enter a local community and bring life to that community by creating monthly Magazines with a new family on the cover every month from within that community, offer free classified ads, pet centre ads and products/services from local businesses participate through sponsorship ads. Branding themselves and gaining excellent exposure within a community that is "By the People, About the People and For the People".

So stay tuned to this posting and our new Blog Page, as I will roll out my offer REAL SOON!! However, please be sure to check out the video and see why you should seriously consider putting some of your Branding Budget towards our Magazine, in the community of Lk Bonavista!

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